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We’re spawning 100 sticky worlds this year with the help of our kawaii companion, Mochi!

About the campaign

So! You just sold out your NFT collection. Launched your first token. Spawned your very first DAO. Maybe you did this when the market was hot and the Discord's gone a little cold since then…

Now you’re looking for ways to bring the community to life. Build momentum towards your Next Big Thing. On top of all the other important stuff you have to do as creator of the new world.

Super. We’ve been looking for you!

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About Mochi!


Mochi! is a coordination game to help remote teams, communities, and DAOs stick together.

We’re excited to introduce the latest version of @mochibot, your kawaii Discord companion.

Campaign goals

Join us on our mission to help values-aligned web3 worlds:

⚡ Supercharge community️ engagement

👢 Bootstrap the commons

⏱️ Save time (literally)

This might be for you if…

What’s a sticky world?

A sticky world is a minimum viable world that has: